MoxyPatch™ Bladder Leak Prevention Kit

who we are

We make the most comfortable and effective over-the-counter solution for light bladder leaks.


  • MoxyPatch™ Bladder Leak Prevention Kit

    Empowering women

    We love seeing strong women living their best lives and we'll do whatever we can to help them get their Moxy back!

  • MoxyPatch™ Bladder Leak Prevention Kit

    There should be "pee"dom for all

    We think that getting accessible and effective relief from bladder leaks should be accessible to all women!

  • MoxyPatch™ Bladder Leak Prevention Kit

    Made in the good Ol'USA Baby

    With supply chain issues and beyond, we want to keep a close eye on the quality of products that touch our most precious parts.

  • MoxyPatch™ Bladder Leak Prevention Kit

    Women owned-women run

    We are proud to have designed a product that was created by a woman - for other women.

MoxyPatch™ Bladder Leak Prevention Kit

A Word From Our Founder

Can you believe that over 30% of all adult women have issues with frustrating leaks caused by incontinence?!

If you think of ALL of the women that you know that joke about peeing when they laugh or that say they stopped exercising or doing the things that they used to love for fear of having an accident, you’re probably not even surprised. There's a good chance that YOU might even be one of these women I know I was.

After I had children and started experiencing bladder leaks, I was really surprised at how awful the available solutions were. Bulky disposable pads, absorbent underwear that you sit in all day, expensive and often inaccessible pelvic floor treatments, or internal products the just didn't work.

I knew there HAD to be another option! And this is why I created MoxyPatch!

With MoxyPatch™, I hope to bring back the confidence and freedom to many women who suffer from unintentional leaks, providing an effective & more eco-friendly solution – a win for women and the environment!

I sincerely hope that you enjoy your MoxyPatch™ experience and that it provides the increased freedom and confidence that I hope to bring to all women suffering from frustrating bladder leaks.