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Our Story

A Word From Remy 

Can you believe that over 30% of all adult women have issues with pesky leaks caused by incontinence?!

If you think of ALL of the women that you know that joke about peeing when they laugh or that say they can’t jump on a trampoline or do jumping jacks without having an accident, you’re probably not even surprised. But what are these women doing about it!? Since you've found us here, there's a good chance that YOU might even be one of these women that are suffering from frustrating (and often embarrassing) leaks too.

Many women stop exercising or doing the things that they used to love for fear of having an accident. Some women wear disposable, absorbent pads and deal with the leaks when they happen and some try pelvic floor therapy if they are lucky enough that this is accessible for them. Some wear black yoga pants and keep their fingers crossed. Others visit Doctors and Specialists and may even be prescribed and fitted with a pessary device to wear internally.

We believed that there HAD to be another option! We went on a mission to help solve this problem for women. We believed that there had to be a solution out there that not only PREVENTED the leaks from happening, but that could also be accessible over-the-counter, online and in pharmacies. In addition to all of this, we hoped for a product that was more environmentally-friendly than the current alternatives.

Through much research, the perfect solution was imagined!  After consulting with numerous Health Care Practitioners, Gynecologists and other Specialists, the MoxyPatch™ device was created – a patent pending, reusable & eco-friendly device that actually prevents the mild to moderate leaks caused by Stress Urinary Incontinence.

And best of all, it’s very accessible for women – no appointments, no prescriptions and no referrals necessary - and it's even covered under many HSA and FSA plans in the United States!

With MoxyPatch™, we hope to bring back the confidence and freedom to many women who suffer from unintentional leaks, providing an effective & more eco-friendly solution – a win for women and the environment!

We sincerely hope that you enjoy your MoxyPatch™ experience and that it provides the increased freedom and confidence that we hope to bring to all women suffering from pesky leaks. So go ahead and laugh/sneeze/run/ jump on a trampoline without worry and get YOUR Moxy back!