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How Does moxypatch™ work?

Using MoxyPatch™ Is A Breeze.

we are here to help make this journey to "pee"dom as easy and hassle free as possible!

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It may or may not surprise you to know that the vast majority of women are not as familiar with their anatomy as they could be. But that shouldn't make anyone feel intimidated or embarrassed!

MoxyPatch™ works by blocking the urethral opening to prevent pee-leaks from happening. The urethral opening sits below the clitoris and above the vaginal opening, between the inner labia. MoxyPatch™ is NOT placed internally/inside the vagina.

See below for more details!


    Remove the Gentle Hydrogel Adhesive Patch from its' individual packet, and peel the protective film labelled, "DEVICE SIDE" off.

    Then, apply the adhesive to the triangular base of the MoxyPatch device firmly and remove the second protective film.


    Holding the device by it's "Fin Guide" place the exposed adhesive directly over the urethral opening, ensuring a proper seal.

    Press down firmly but gently to make sure it is secure.


    MOXYPATCH's unique shape along with the Gentle Hydrogel Adhesive work together to form a secure seal at your urethral opening preventing leaks before they happen.

Device Removal

With clean hands, simply pinch the "Fin Guide" of the device and slowly peel the device and adhesive layer away from the urethral area. The MoxyPatch™ device and adhesive should easily be peeled off using this method.

If for any reason you feel pulling or discomfort, or if the adhesive seems to be excessively sticky, wetting this area with a small amount of water will soften the adhesive further allowing for an easier removal.



    Before your first use we recommend that you sterilize your MoxyPatch™. To do this, simply place the device in a pot of boiling water for 5-10 minutes.

    Make sure it doesn't sit to long on the bottom of the pot to avoid damage.


    It's important to clean your MoxyPatch™ after each use. After removal, peel off and discard the Gentle Hydrogel Adhesive, then wash.

    We recommend using a gentle, oil-free, unscented soap to lather with followed by a thorough rinse with water.

  • Storage

    After your MoxyPatch™ is all cleaned up we recommend drying it off before storage.

    Once dry, pop it into its' accompanying travel case and you are off to the races!

Downloadable User Guides

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