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MoxyPatch™ uses the function of urethral occlusion ('covering') to prevent mild to moderate unintentional leaks caused by stress urinary incontinence in females. The urethral opening (where urine exits the body) is covered by the gentle adhesive hydrogel layer and acts as a barrier to prevent leaks. MoxyPatch™ must be removed prior to intentionally urinating.

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We believe that pelvic floor therapy is typically the optimal solution for women experiencing mild to moderate stress incontinence.

However, pelvic floor therapy is not accessible to all women and sometimes does not prevent all bladder leaks.

MoxyPatch™ can be seen as a complementary solution to pelvic floor therapy that works to prevent the light bladder leaks that women may still experience while they continue to work on their pelvic floor. 

Stress incontinence is when urine leaks out unintentionally during activities that put pressure (“stress”) on the bladder, like coughing, sneezing, laughing, or exercising. It typically occurs due to weakened pelvic floor muscles, which support the bladder and urethra. This condition is more common in women, especially after childbirth or with age.

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The silicone base of the MoxyPatch device is made out of a very soft medical grade silicone. If cared for properly, medical grade silicone can be safely used for many years.

However, in accordance with industry standards and other guidelines, we recommend replacing the base device once per year.

The individually wrapped gentle adhesive hydrogel component should be replaced after each use (the MoxyPatch must be removed prior to intentionally urinating).

Most women who experience stress urinary incontinence will leak when there is 'stress' placed on the bladder – often while running, jumping, lifting heavy items, sneezing, etc. These leaks can range from:

- MILD – less than 20ml/g (slightly more than 1 tbsp of urine)

- MODERATE – less than 75ml/g (slightly more than ¼ cup of urine)

- HEAVY – any single leakage episode that is greater than ¼ cup of urine.

MoxyPatch™ consists of a soft, reusable, medical-grade silicone base and works along with the replaceable gentle adhesive hydrogel patches.

All materials used in the design and creation of MoxyPatch™ are biocompatible materials and medical-grade materials. The MoxyPatch device and the gentle adhesive refills that work with the device, are both free of BPA and latex.

Additionally, our company is FDA Registered and, as such, follows a strict quality management system.

MoxyPatch™ is designed specifically to prevent MILD TO MODERATE unintentional leaks due to stress urinary incontinence. If you have any questions regarding if MoxyPatch™ may be right for you or if you experience HEAVY unintentional leaks, we recommend speaking with your Physician or Health Care provider directly. 

MoxyPatch™ is specifically designed to prevent mild to moderate leaks due to stress urinary incontinence. However, if you experience mixed incontinence (a combination of both urge and stress urinary incontinence) ,MoxyPatch™ may still help to decrease the overall number of leaks experienced by preventing any leaks specifically associated with stress incontinence (running, jumping, sneezing, etc.)

Each component of the MoxyPatch device (excluding the black cotton bag) has been manufactured in the USA. Orders placed online will be distributed from our warehouse facility partner located near Dallas, TX.

MoxyPatch is committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction. We want you to love your MoxyPatch, but if for any reason you're not satisfied, we offer a money-back guarantee. Our team is here to support you throughout your leak-free journey with MoxyPatch!

We ask you to give your new MoxyPatch approximately 60 days (or at least 6-8 uses). Our knowledgeable team is available to provide personalized advice and assistance to address any challenges you may encounter during this period.

If you're still experiencing difficulties after this time, we’re happy to assist you with a replacement MoxyPatch or provide a refund for your purchase.

For tips, inquiries, or assistance with a replacement or refund, please reach out to us at


As MoxyPatch is considered to be a Class 1 Medical Device in the United States, we are required to maintain compliance with FDA regulations regarding facility registration, listing of the device, quality control as well as comply with good manufacturing practices.

In addition to the basic mandatory requirements outlined by the FDA regarding devices such as MoxyPatch™, we have chosen to take increased measures to ensure the safety and effectiveness of our products such as executing formal stability testing, additional biocompatibility testing, an environmental impact study and by selecting American manufacturing partners that have received the ISO:13485 certification.

Similar to other reusable medical grade silicone products, the MoxyPatch should be boiled prior to first use, according to the details within the accompanying user guide. Between uses, we recommended that the MoxyPatch be washed with a mild, oil free & fragrance free soap


MoxyPatch™ can be worn during menstruation as the Moxypatch™ is placed above the vagina (and not inside the vaginal opening).

Menstrual products such as tampons, pads and menstrual cups can be worn at the same time as the MoxyPatch™ if desired. 

The MoxyPatch™ must be removed prior to intentional urination and the gentle adhesive hydrogel must be removed, discarded, and replaced prior to each use.

According to many Urologists, healthy adults urinate between 6 to 7 times per day on average. Therefore, it is recommended that the MoxyPatch™ be worn for a duration of approximately four hours maximum each use.

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other important notes!

*The MoxyPatch™ should not be worn while bathing, swimming, intentional urination or during sexual intercourse. Always speak to your Physician or Healthcare Provider if you have any concerns about if MoxyPatch™ may be suitable for you. **MoxyPatch™ should not be used if you have any current or recurrent urinary tract, urogenital or yeast infections, vaginal atrophy, urethral or vaginal conditions. MoxyPatch™ should not be used on broken or irritated skin. If you are pregnant, speak to your Physician or HealthCare Provider prior to use.

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