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The Pissy Problem We Don’t Talk About

From joking with our friends about laughing so hard that we pee our pants to avoiding the topic at our doctor’s appointment and then Googling late at night to see if you’re the only one experiencing it—urinary incontinence in women is rarely discussed seriously, let alone dealt with diagnostically to prevent.

We get it, it can be really uncomfortable to discuss anything related to our biological need to head to the bathroom. Women are so often boxed into remaining these delicate flowers that don’t have any bodily functions that require a bathroom break. 

A good example? Marketing to women often involves depictions of us blithely dancing around on the beach during tampon commercials.



We know this isn’t even close to real life! No wonder discussing the topic of peeing our pants may be awkward if we aren’t taken seriously to begin with!

 We want to talk about this seriously common issue in a manner that makes sense.

 Let’s Change the Urinary Incontinence Conversation

We’re ready to take the piss out of it!


 Because over ⅓ of all women will suffer from urinary incontinence in their lifetime! Re-read that. 

Over ⅓ of the entire female population suffers from this and, most likely, has done so quietly. An even more alarming number: 50% of these women aren’t even talking to their doctors about it, let alone being referred to Pelvic Floor Therapists or other specialists.

It was a shocking enough discovery that we decided to not only lift the shroud of secrecy around this common problem, but also talk about it openly enough for women to understand that even if this problem is common, it doesn’t have to be a part of your normal everyday life any longer. 


Just Because it’s Common, Doesn’t Mean You Have to Live with it

The fact is, you shouldn’t have to just live with peeing your pants when you laugh or making sure you have panty liners in your purse or worse, rearranging your daily life around it just because it’s common. Women are so used to putting their needs lower on the priority list that if they hear that the problem is common, they think they need to live with it. 

 “Everyone pees their pants a little sometimes.”


But they don’t have to.



Nor should they have to live with the worry of a new position in gym class or picking their kid up or heck, even laughing with friends at those silly tampon commercials.

The store shelves tell you as much by providing one-use, disposable products that you’ll need to keep replenishing for life. From underwear to panty liners to maxi pads, we’ve all been taught that it’s something you can take care of with inconvenient and temporary fixes.

There are truly not enough options to even prevent this common issue from happening.

That’s where we stepped in.


 The First Truly Preventative & Reusable Urinary Incontinence Product to hit the Market. 

 We believe that all women should have easily accessible options to prevent leaks without a prescription.

 MoxyPatch™ was created by our founder, Remy Warren , after struggling with the very same issue herself and being absolutely astonished that there were not better options available. 

 (We could provide an inspirational quote here about how women get things done, but if you’re a woman reading this, you already know that.)

 Remy stepped up when there were no other products on the market like MoxyPatch™! One that not only prevents leaks, but also is incredibly easy to use and doesn’t require a prescription. 

 As a bonus, we also made sure MoxyPatch™ is: 

  • Reusable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Available both online and in-store (soon!)
  • Designed by a woman for women
  • Breaking the silence about mild to moderate stress urinary incontinence in a fun, friendly way

 Imagine a comfortable space and product that encourages you to take care of yourself while also breaking the stigma of such a common problem? Heck yes!

 That’s MoxyPatch


 When a product is developed by alleviating a problem the founder had herself, you can guarantee that it ultimately benefits your health too! We at MoxyPatch™ want everyone to jump for joy (without peeing)!


 You’re here because you want to be free of the stress and anxiety that urinary incontinence can often cause. 

We’ve got your back. 

 Well, your urethral opening actually. But, you can read all about how MoxyPatch works in our next blog!