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Oops, I Leaked Again: Navigating Your Options for Unintentional Bladder Leaks

Female stress urinary incontinence might be common, but it's time to kick the secrecy to the curb. Pelvic floor therapy is the VIP treatment, but not everyone has a golden ticket. Surgery may not be everyone's cup of tea, and pessaries, absorbent products, and bladder control devices offer alternative routes, but they're not exactly the preventive dream team. Enter MoxyPatch, the sassy sidekick you've been waiting for – preventing leaks, embracing pelvic floor therapy, and doing it all with a sprinkle of humor. With MoxyPatch in your arsenal, there's no need to tiptoe around leaks. It's time to strut confidently, knowing you've got the sassiest solution to SUI by your side.

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The Pissy Problem We Don’t Talk About

From joking with our friends about laughing so hard that we pee our pants to avoiding the topic at our doctor’s appointment and then Googling late at night to see if you’re the only one experiencing it—urinary incontinence in women is rarely discussed seriously, let alone dealt with diagnostically to prevent.

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