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How Do You Fix Urine Leakage? Top 5 Ways For Women to Prevent Bladder Leaks

Ugh, let's talk about a topic that's as common as scrolling through your social media feed—urine leakage. Yep, you heard it right. Those unexpected, awkward leaks that can turn even a superwoman into a puddle of frustration. But fear not, because we're diving headfirst into the world of bladder leaks with the best solutions around. Say goodbye to those uninvited leaks and hello to empowerment The Warrior Pelvic Floor Workouts First things first, let's tackle the root of the problem: your pelvic floor muscles. Think of them as your body's own little trampoline that keeps everything in place down there. Pregnancy, childbirth, or just time marching on can weaken this squad of muscles, leading to those sneaky leaks. Time to...

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Pee Your Pants No More: The Most Common Stress Incontinence Natural Remedies

Sad as it may seem, about 200 million people suffer from stress incontinence. And to make matters worse, about 60% hide because of the shame associated with such leaks.   If you’re reading this article, we can only surmise that you’re suffering from the same thing.  That said, you need not fret, for there’s hope! In fact, there are many natural urinary incontinence remedies you can try so you can go back to your daily activities with ease.  We’ve rounded up ten of them:    Pelvic Floor Exercises Commonly known as Kegel exercises, this pelvic floor muscle training helps strengthen the muscles used when peeing.  To do this, you need to: Tighten or contract the muscles you use for peeing for...

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Is There Such a Thing as Pelvic Health? Here's What It Is and Why It Matters

You’ve probably come across the term “pelvic health” sometime in your life.  It might seem weird that there’s a whole women’s health niche dedicated to just your pelvis… but you better believe it exists. And it matters a lot more than you probably think. So let’s go ahead and deep dive into what pelvic health means for you… starting with your anatomy.   The Basics of Pelvic Anatomy The pelvic area is located at the lower part of your torso, between your abdomen and thighs. It contains your bladder and reproductive organs while providing support for your intestines.  Since males and females vary greatly down there, their pelvic anatomies differ, too.  See, female pelvises are broader, mainly because of their...

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The Pissy Problem We Don’t Talk About

From joking with our friends about laughing so hard that we pee our pants to avoiding the topic at our doctor’s appointment and then Googling late at night to see if you’re the only one experiencing it—urinary incontinence in women is rarely discussed seriously, let alone dealt with diagnostically to prevent.

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